Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida   

Company Description: International Management Consulting Firm. The overall objective of our company is to increase the profits of our clients through the implementation of improvement projects that impact the tangible benefits that directly impact the financial statements of the same. We accomplish this through the practice of operational consulting basing its application on a simple and highly efficient methodology that allows us to provide guarantees on investments in our projects. We are a highly committed company with the results. Our projects have an emphasis on the training of our customers personnel, the definition and implementation of consensual solutions and the implementation of a change in the organizational culture to focus it towards the primary objectives of the organization. Our key success factor is to achieve a significant level of involvement and commitment at all levels of the company, which ensures that the results are sustainable and consistent over time. The versatility and reliability of our methodology has allowed us to successfully develop a variety of projects in a wide range of businesses, both manufacturing and trading companies, and financial services. We develop business solutions that are tailored to the cultural conditions and infrastructure of each company, so our projects are conditioned and will not require additional investments in technology, equipment or tools to achieve the targeted objective of our client. Job Description: We are looking for a Temporary person maximum 3 months to do the following: a. develop and/or improve the design of our iPad and Web applications b. implement designs for IPAD devices and/or web Minimum 2 years knowledge in graphic design: photoshop, flash, indesign, Illustrator 2 year minimum knowledge of developing application for iPad user level knowledge of 2 years developing Web applications Bilingual and able to work in teams.
Type: Permanent
Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida
Country: United States of America
Contact: Plexus Consultants LLC
Advertiser: Plexus Consultants LLC
Reference: JSE6E1C2B6/14340928